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How 7 lines of code changed the internet

7 May

If you make something easy for people to do, they will do it 

Today, I happened on an article by the founder of iZettle, Jacob de Geer, he mentioned that…

“mobile payments are all about the experience”


And that got me thinking, it reminds me about a story I read a while back about how Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup.

As it turns out, they has a simple vision, and it was to…

“increase the GDP of the internet,”.

Introducing Patrick and John Collison, two really technology high performers, who grew up in the country in Limerick.


“If you think about the broad trajectory of the internet, most of the breakout successes are still to come,” Patrick says.

Patrick’s desk is covered in books. There’s a copy of  “The Dream Machine”, about J.C.R. Licklider, the technologist who conceptualized and funded the early internet.

The volume was out of print, but Patrick loves it so much he bought the rights and paid to publish hundreds of copies for employees and guests.


I like this bit about time and his life…

The wallpaper on Patrick’s computer displays a countdown clock for his life: He has 52 years and a few days left.

“This is a very coarse estimate, but it’s a reminder that you get old quickly,” he says, a touch of gray now in his red hair.

“When you talk to people who are old, some wish they had enjoyed themselves more, but not many wish they had wasted more time.”


Whats interesting about Stripe is their payment solution was targeted to developers and all the developer had to do was copy and paste to solve a complex problem.



Stripe use an algorithm to select lunch buddies for their employees, and every few months everyone moves seats

Cut and paste has never been easier

The 7 lines of code (actually 12) that implements the Stripe interface7Lines

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