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Java and Webdriver automation, for beginners

14 Nov

Learn Selenium Webdriver the easy way

I’ve been studying a whole range of topics recently, including:

  • Google cloud platform
  • Amazon web services
  • Java
  • Ranorex automation tool
  • Katalon automation tool
  • Mobile automation tools
  • CI Circle tool
  • Continuous integration

…and many videos on youtube and then I found gold!


I found a Youtube channel which covers all the tutorials for the subjects that you MUST know in software testing in the year 2017.

The videos are all free, the examples are great, you learn a lot by doing a lot and I have been building my knowledge of Java and Automation every day.

I have been following the tutorials and I would highly recommend anyone interested in an IT career to do the same and he even covers answers for interview questions, so you can really learn a lot fast.

Start with Java programing and then progress to Selenium Webdriver 3


I’ve been Vlogging weekly about my process of looking for the next opportunity, the coming weeks it will be all Webdriver, Webdriver, Webdriver!!!

The first Vlog on the job hunt process

1 Nov

I have been Vlogging about my experiences in looking for my next software testing role, I am currently up to Vlog six

Software test Job hunting is a process and a very competitive market, you need to enjoy the process…

In the videos I share:

  • What I am currently studying
  • Jobs and interviews I am attending


Introducing, the first Vlog

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