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Ok Cupid, the man that hacked it and what it means to you…

27 Apr

The one? Which one?

I was reading about  a mathematician last week.  Well, he got on a dating site and being mathematical, he figured out how to circumvent the algorithm to get a priority listing with females.

And he did, in fact, the interesting part of this is when girls put their answers, he  came up with a 100% compatibility analysis match.

So, by the time he met these girls, and he would meet two per day, the girls, since they had never got a 100% match before, were convinced he was the one. And then he would tell the lady their meeting was part of a math experiment, and go off to meet the next one.

Very scientific, no?


Maybe there is a lesson there too, if two people enter a relationship with equal conviction…

An Artists impression of “The One”


Whats interesting is because there was an expectation on him, that he was “The One”, it didn’t matter that he slept in his office, what he said to these girls or what he looked liked, in their mind, he was “The one” and this was a game changer.

Its strange when people understand how  a system or something like the law works, you can make it work for you or somebody else, and make a business of it, lawyers, i’m talking to you!

If you learn the rules, you can break them, just ask any Jazz musician.

Do you get it?


What I am saying is because the girls had already made up their mind that he was the “The one”, because a machine told them, this was all they needed to be convinced that it was true, but in fact it wasn’t, after he got to date girl seventy something, and he told her the experiment and she understood it, because she was into maths too, and she was the right one for him, a happy ending?

Doctor doctor, i think i have Beber fever!!b

Justin Beber fans are a bit technical, they hack his twitter algorithm, to put him on top, they are very good at it too, he gets 3% of all Twitter traffic, the mind boggles?


Of course you can hack most things, you just take something that is supposed to do one thing and maker it do another, one example would be Ikea hacks, in computer terms it is…

Ikea hacking3

Hacking is the gaining of access(wanted or unwanted) to a computer and viewing, copying, or creating data(leaving a trace) without the intention of destroying data or maliciously harming the computer.

This represents the Good Guys most of the time for they are the ones who search for these exploits to prevent crackers use a method called cracking(opposite of hacking).

Hacking and hackers are commonly mistaken to be the bad guys most of the time. Crackers are the ones who screw things over as far as creating virus, cracks, spyware, and destroying data.

Are rules meant to be broken?2


Mad Max hacked a few Ford Escorts, as you can seee


Microsoft learned about itXbox_One_piracy

My favorite example if the Xbox, Microsoft released hardware cheap, thinking that they could get the money back on the games, until people hacked it, took out the CD-ROM, put in a hard drive with a modified chip board, then people were able to copy the games and load them from the hard drive, thanks Microsoft!

Of course if your not into any of that, there are life hacks


Maybe if you change how you think about something, it changes for you, or as William Shakespeare once said…

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so

Be like me…


Feel free to let me know what you think…

Google do it, Amazon does it and education can do it too!

1 Apr

My last post was later October last year, then i got a contract role in Galway that kept me very busy, until now.

And now I want to continue from the last post about Big Data, bug data and predictive analytics isn’t just for people that are trying to sell you stuff you don’t want.

All images from The Science of Learning


Teachers  in Singapore user Twitter in the class room to engage their students, gauge the interaction, identify learning gaps in the students.

We are your friends, we come in peace…


Rather than trying to get someone to do something, more and more we read about how companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are watching us, they are watching us and they are learning everything they need to know and we give them our time and then we give them our money, sounds simple, I guess you can’t knock the hustle?

What it looks like, the breakdown…


Smart educators now realise in the modern world, that since knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips, there is less value in knowledge, the value of education is in being able to think and react in new situations you would not normally encounter.


Through technology we can now

  1. Design learning experiences
  2. Collect data
  3. Analyze data
  4. Refine learning theory/models

By using analytics we can harvest a wealth of information from how students are learning and their cognitive behaviour, like how they might do in exams, future exams, maybe even to the point where they don’t even need to do an exam?

Introducing Candace Thille

I know what your thinking, and yes… it was worth waiting for.

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