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Introducing Shiftr, a great new app for low income earners

17 Apr

I went along to a Startmate presentation last week, one of the new apps that was presented and i think is worth including here is a great new app called ‘Shiftr

In short, its an app that enables you to swap shifts, call in sick, pick up extra work via working extra shifts

Shift work


One of my passions is future trends and last week i went along to hear Carol Coletta talk as part of the City of Sydney creative life talks

Carol said when it comes to employment in cities:

There is only:

1, High skiled, high wage or

2, Outsourced and

3, Low paying jobs

This news of course is food for thought for everyone.

If you have a career, how do you become ‘Outsourced proof’? This is definitely a work trend i can see progressing.


The reason Shiftr will be a killer app is, a lot of people i have been meeting recently have been very vocal on just how much they do not like going to work.

The Shiftr app makes it easier for shift workers to:

1, Not go to work

2, It makes it easier for someone to earn more by covering other peoples shift, we are after all in a capitalist society.

Think of it this way….

Now, think back if you will to the days pre mobile phones, if you wanted to meet someone in the city, there was a place and a time and you couldn’t afford to be late, if you were going to be late, you had to ring someones mom, and get someone to pass on a message.

Then along came mobile phones, and being on time pretty much flew out the window, you could text people and get out of meetings and appointments without having to give a reason, and this was one of the reasons texting became so popular.

And for this same reason, this is why Shiftr will be popular, the developers are rolling it out to Mac Donalds all over the country, and one of the beauties of a franchise roll out is people that work in different outlets can cover shifts in different locations, like a roving work force that is very mobile and agile.

Richard Branson built his empire from these kind of app-less phones


When you think of it, if the people that don’t want to work are not there and people that do want to work are there, would that be beneficial for

  1. Staff moral, the people that are at work want to be there
  2. Efficency, managers wouldn’t have to ring people, the management of shifts would manage its self
  3. Boosting a work force numbers as outlets could share/select human resources

It seems like an incredible tool to service the low paying jobs sector which is currently huge and will only get bigger, the outsourcing trend is here to stay

Another presenter for an app called ‘Goodcall‘ at this exhibit said they sourced and paid very little for helpdesk employes from America, he referred to Americans as

‘The new third world’

And the competitive advantage to this Shiftr app is they are the first to market and definitely one to watch

Sydney Ideas lecture series and why i’m interested (Part 1)

3 Apr

Since i’ve landed back in Sydney, one thing has been pretty much in my face the whole time, i cant ignore it and now dear reader, i have to tell you too.

It’s the idea’s, too many ideas to ignore, Sydney is a very stimulating place to be

I was watching a Tedx talk last year, by O.E Wilson and he was asked to give a talk about advice to budding scientists.

His advice was.

  1. Learn as much as you can in your own field
  2. Learn as much as you can in fields outside your field
  3. With technology and emerging technologies branching out and creating new fields, some of the new fields will cris-cross and hey presto, something irrelevant is a hot topic.

Sounds like good advice? Take a look for yourself.

Some examples that come to my mind are:

Original Mac fonts


1, When Steve Jobs was going to college, the lectures he attended were not the ones he was supposed to attend, one of his favourites was on ‘fonts’, so by the time of the apple computer he had all kinds of fonts loaded on, which became his ‘killer app’ advantage, a bold start to a global dominance for Apple.


James Dyson cleans up the competition


2, When James Dyson was fixing his wife’s hoover (men helping women with house work is called ‘Chore play’, it frees up time for ‘other activities’ in the bedroom (and apparently it works too?)

Anyway, Mr Dyson on his knees realized the problem he solved with a spray painting device was the problem with the hoover, and over 1000 proto-types later, he’s in the hoover business and he spends 10 million pounds protecting his ideas in court too.

The idea being that unrelated industries are related, all you have to do is make the connection


I’ve been going along to the Sydney Ideas series too and i have been learning all sorts of interesting things outside of my usual IT profession, but i think ideas that could prove useful in anyones profession.

I went to a talk entitled:

The globalisation of Chinese porcelain and their significance for history, archaeology and antique collection by Dr Baoping Li

In this richly illustrated presentation, Dr Baoping Li will rely on over twenty years of research to explain the significance of Chinese porcelain to our understanding of history, archaeology, cultural studies, and the collecting of antiques in China and the world.

Chinese porcelain


Dr Li has first-hand experience working with porcelains found at the site of a lost city in North China that was part of the Mongol Empire, ancient Angkor in Cambodia, and an Arab merchant shipwreck of c. 826 CE found in the Java Sea that provides the earliest physical evidence for direct trade between China and the Middle East.

I learned:

  1. By the procalain found at a site they were able to prove the site was not unoccupied for what was previously thought for a 100 years
  2. From the porcalain Dr Li was able to tell what social class the occupants belonged

Another i went to was entitled

Who Built the Long Wall of Quang Ngai? Territory, Security and Trade along a Vietnamese Boundary, By Dr Andrew Hardy

 Dr Hardy historian of Vietnam, associate professor at the French School of Asian Studies

I learnt:

No documented evidence could be obtained for the wall (127km) that would separate indigenous people of Vietnam and the Vietnamese in question

Quang Nagi


Another similar wall had been build between Cambodia and Vietnam, both kings sent 5000 men to build the wall, since evidence could be obtained for that wall, we can safely assume it was a similar agreement.

Also, when it comes to territory, Vietnamese had markers to indicate their territory’s and if anyone moved the markers, this was taken as an act of war and all hell broke loose!

How does this relate to me?

Well there are times when there is little or no documentation for a project, but at the same time you need to construct testing documentation and you need evidence to support what your are trying to achieve, the idea is, its been done before, all you need are the ideas and you can pretty much do most things.

But whats the idea?

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