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Make what you are…

8 May

I attended a lean Startup networking work from the park event a few months ago, i haven’t been blogging my ideas, but i have the notes.

One of the notes i made was in reference to Brian Eno, in relation to his album ‘Lux

‘Make what you are’


One reviewer said 

‘Lux’ is the kind of album that would make you think about the time you have left to live

Sounds interesting?

Brian Eno is a very quotable guy, some of the things he says would really make you question what you do and how you go about doing it.

Brian Eno has a creative process, take a look at it here

1. Freeform capture.

2. Blank state.

3. Deliberate limitations.

4. Opposing forces.

5. Creative prompts

Leonardo Da Vinci had a creative process too his four main principles were

1. Study the science of art.

2. Study the art of science.

3. Develop all your senses especially your ability to see.

4. Study all the above in the light of the idea that everything connects, in some way, to everything else.


Brian Eno:

Nearly all the things I do that are of any merit at all start off as just being good fun

I remember sitting one day on a friends couch while she was out running, i watched this Brian Eno documentary


What i like about his way of thinking is he:

  • Explores polar opposites with music and retreats to a comfortable place
  • He would use a bird outside his window in the music he was making, which reminds me about a story about how William S Burroughs used to tell his students to include the person that walked past in their stories, his students thought they were losing their minds
  • I love his idea of ‘Thin slicing’, instead of using 1000 sounds, just use 6 great ones, the same principle can be used in your life for self development, i.e. if you want great improvement, select 3 things to improve and base everything around those 3 things you wish to improve
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