How Hackers installing apps in iPhones changed the (financial) world

7 Dec

Welcome to the future 

I was watching a video the other night on YouTube about how the future is shaping up, from:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Automation
  • Driver-less cars

…and what it all means, if you plan in being in the work force in the next 20 years?

 So what you might say?  My cup of tea is getting cold!

…but listen.

Driver-less car technology will be so good, you will be able to put your kids in a car, it will drop them off at school, I can almost see a automated docking station at my old school, after the car drops off your kid.

The car can bring you home after a big nightcar


After the car, lets call it Harry drops the kids off at the docking station in school, you could rent out your car to someone else for the day, before picking you up from your Christmas party that night. Sounds like a dream, for the Hely Rays in Kerry?

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
― Winston Churchill

Steve Jobs once said…

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path. And that will make all the difference.” — Steve Jobs

So, I was thinking about writing about a business interrupt idea of the future, there are many, but why not write about a business idea that has had a huge impact, and changed the financial world?

I was watching a series a few months ago called ‘Billion Dollar Deals and How They Changed Your World (2of3)’ – Money

(Hacker interview starts at minute 32) 

In the program “Billion Dollar Deals and How They Changed Your World” (Jacques Peretti explores the deals that shaped the way people understand money.

From the invention of PayPal in the 1990s to the smartphone app economy that followed 10 years later, he reveals how technology giants brought about the digital payment revolution.

He investigates why people are choosing to turn their backs on using cash, as card and contact-less transactions become the most popular way for people to spend their money, and explores what is going on behind-the-scenes in the world of digitalised spending.

I was interested in hearing about an idea that wasn’t really planned, but was first implemented by hackers?

To Hack = To gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer. “they hacked into the bank’s computer”

One of the financial revolutions was the iPhone, they interviewed a hacker that managed to put his own applications running on the iPhone



This in turn made an internet enabled phone that could also take photos and videos capable of running software developed by your bank, you could transfer money, make payments, they could close branches and sell the branches, cut costs, improve their service and more…

Apple realized how important it was for people to be able to install apps and implemented the app store themselves and rolled it out to the world and changed one of many industries, the financial industry.

That in turn enabled people to do banking, transfer money, buy sell shares and much more anywhere, anytime.

Of course, this is not the first time someone bought some hardware and decided to use it a different way from the instructions



The hacker that gave Apple a huge jump in the IT industry got a job offer from Apple, which he declined…

I was thinking about developers I worked with years ago that were always hacking devices, one guy hacked a camera to run Linux, and to play games. Another guy hacked an X-Box, to put in a hard drive, so he could copy games.


Microsoft distributed the X-Box at a loss, thinking they would make the money on people buying games. Cheap console for hacker, expensive mistake and bad luck for Microsoft.

Introducing IKEA hackingikea1


Its not just devices that can be hacked, some people are big fans of IKEA hacking, its where you take two unrelated IKEA products and make something completely new

IKEA hacking video

Java and Webdriver automation, for beginners

14 Nov

Learn Selenium Webdriver the easy way

I’ve been studying a whole range of topics recently, including:

  • Google cloud platform
  • Amazon web services
  • Java
  • Ranorex automation tool
  • Katalon automation tool
  • Mobile automation tools
  • CI Circle tool
  • Continuous integration

…and many videos on youtube and then I found gold!


I found a Youtube channel which covers all the tutorials for the subjects that you MUST know in software testing in the year 2017.

The videos are all free, the examples are great, you learn a lot by doing a lot and I have been building my knowledge of Java and Automation every day.

I have been following the tutorials and I would highly recommend anyone interested in an IT career to do the same and he even covers answers for interview questions, so you can really learn a lot fast.

Start with Java programing and then progress to Selenium Webdriver 3


I’ve been Vlogging weekly about my process of looking for the next opportunity, the coming weeks it will be all Webdriver, Webdriver, Webdriver!!!

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