Society of the spectacle and late night tweets…

1 Jul

I was looking through my notes a few days ago, I made a few notes on the topic of “Society of the spectacle“, it’s defined as…

The decline of being into having, and having into mearly appearing


The spectacle is not a collection of images, it is a social relationship between people that is meditated my images

Now, I know some people who have told me recently how they are obsessed with Instagram.


In the spectacular society:

  • Quality of life is impoverished
  • Lack of authenticity
  • Human perceptions affected
  • Degradation of knowledge
  • Hindered critical thought
  • Spectacle obfuscates the past


The spectacle



The Don of tweetstrump-tweets-hdr-02

Donald Trump has been getting a little bit of heat recently with his late night tweets, some analysts think he is detached from reality, and the rest…

More than fifty years after the initial publication of Society of the Spectacle, mass media has become more prevalent, and more pervasive with television, the internet, cellular devices and social networking allowing our “relationship” with mass media to become a 24/7 pursuit.

This new state of omni-connection allows consumers of mass media and popular culture to now “follow” every action and even every thought of their favorite celebrities and figureheads thanks to multimedia microblog outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


The solution?




What’s your Philosophy on Money?

17 Jun

I listened to this interview with Tim Ferris last week and it’s interesting to hear him say how he thinks about investing. I share some of his ideas.


  • The number one reason to invest is to improve your quality of life
  • Not all types of investing are suitable for you

Have a listen:



Last week I read…


I was reading Robinson Crusoe last week, the main characters philosophy on money is this.

The good things of this world are only good while they are useful to us. Whatever treasures we pile up, we cab enjoy only as much as we can use, and no more.

I had far more on my island than i could use. I had no room for desire, except for a few small things which I could not have. I even had gold and silver coins, but the money just lay in the drawer, for I had no use for it.

A drawer full of diamonds would have been just as useless. But how I wished I could give it all, just for a pipe,or a few English vegetable seeds or a bottle of ink.

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