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Everything is a remix or is it?

3 Jun

So, i am writing a novel, it’s a side project i started last year, i attended the Sydney writers festival last week and i have been inspired to continue and finish the project.

It’s basically a novel of ideas

Woodie Guthrie once said

“The words are the important thing. Don’t worry about tunes. Take a tune, sing high when they sing low, sing fast when they sing slow, and you’ve got a new tune.”

Doesn’t sound like plagiarism, now does it?

Woodie had a lot to say


Everything is an idea, ideas are based on previous ideas, the words we say are ideas, they have histories, some words came from other languages, the study of the history of words is called ‘Etymology‘, the letters we use to make up those words have in-depth histories too, the English alphabet is based on previous other alphabets, the letters even have different frequencies.

Everything is depended on the previous idea, like stepping stones, each one is important to traverse the stream.

A bunch of stones in a line or is it?


In China they say

‘You pave the rode your children walk’

A, came before B, and A + B = C, sounds simple enough…

1, comes before 2, 0 comes before both of them and it was invented after 1 and 2, and 0 is the most important number, it enables up to calculate infinitely large and small numbers

 0 was independently invented 3 times, firstly by the Babylonians in the 3rd century BC, Mayans in the 4th century, Indians in the 5th century, Cambodia in the 7th century, China, Islamic countries and tally ho and lastly, here we come riding into Europe in the 12th century, ok 0 is an exception to the rule, we are learning something here, the rule and the exception to the rule.

It is said once a problem is solved in the world, it’s also solved somewhere else independently, but it needs to be solved by someone somewhere.

Knowledge is layered, the bottom layers need the top layers, if they didn’t have them they wouldn’t be on top.

Onions have layers too, when you strip all the layers off, all your left with is the universe.


Everything is a remix, but first you have to copy, transform and combine, The Grey album being a famous example where the Beetles ‘White album’ was mixed with Jay-Z’s ‘Black album’ and what happens when you mix white and black, have a listen

I went to a presentation a few weeks ago by Craig Rispin, he was saying a lot of new advice was old advice rehashed, i was introduced to ‘Consultant debunked unit‘, more and more, people are turning to evidence based consulting, question everything, assume little.


to rework, reuse, or make over (old or already used material)
something consisting of old, reworked, or reused material

There is so much borrowing going on, did you ever knock on your neighbours door looking for a cup of sugar, milk or just some good old fashioned free love? No, the 60’s are over, too soon if you ask me!

Every 2 days we create as much content as we did in 2003

A picture is worth a thousand words, once something is printed it fades, but i hope this collection of thoughts and words to print, any font will do!

So saying this, what I’m writing is going to be a hybrid of the previous stuff i have read and written in my life, from this ‘word’ to shopping lists, past and future to sick notes in school, put in such a way as to seem new, and hopefully that means I’ll get paid and i can keep all the money for myself, live on a hill and look down on people, in fact i grew up on a hill or maybe I’ll just go home?

Maybe i will see and think of home and not the home i make for myself in between these moments in a new way and that might make all the difference?

You might be thinking, what happened at the writers festival for my creative revival?

Well i saw these two poets perform and everyone that heard them was blown away, take a look.

Kate Tempest

Anis Mojgani

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