The future of money…

3 Jun


I met a guy last week in a dorm in a hostel, he just woke up, I said hello, we chatted and I asked him what he was up to today.

He said he was going to meet his business partner, I asked him about his business and before long he is showing me the app he has developed with his partner.

It’s a anti social media app that measures people’s social value. Which is interesting as I was watching a presentation by a payments expert David Birch and he was talking about this idea of the future.

Introducing David Birch


Well, the future is here, and he showed me how it worked, they also had a video presentation. It looked great. Of course its one thing to know something, it’s quite another to develop the idea.

So I thought it was quite funny, he developed an app I already knew a bit about, he executed the idea and he was giving me the presentation, while I was still in bed. I had to laugh!

Which reminds me of another talk by Casey Neistat on the value of learning through doing; you discover what works for you through the making process, not by over thinking things.

Casey talks about his personal and career background in order to highlight the importance of learning by doing.


When I would go to the entrepeneur presentations in Sydney, Australia. I found it quite interesting that they would pitch ideas to all kinds of people to get their input, it didn’t matter if they were a house wife, unemployed or a professor.

I learned the best ideas come from people in unrelated industries who discuss and develop ideas.

And another interesting thingnearshoring

After that we discussed the Blockchain and his new business in Bitcoin mining, quite amazing, you can learn new things anywhere. He told me the Ukraine is one of the top 5 IT countries with over 100,000 employed.


It’s amazing how people can create opportunity for themselves anywhere in the world

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