Oracle Java Foundations course, passed

8 May

I got the result1While applying for software testing roles last year, I couldn’t help but notice how just about every role required Java coding in various levels of expertise.

Its not enough to be a solid software tester anymore, you must now be able to write and maintain test code, most companies use Java, so with this I mind and to make myself more marketable, I did a 1Z0811 Java Foundations course in the Cork Training Center.

learn-javaA few benefits of learning Java

  • Java is quite popular as a Programming Language in the Industry so you can get good opportunities, if that is what you are looking for.
  • You can use Java to implement any kind of Software. It can be an Enterprise Application, a Website, a Desktop application, a Search Engine or a Gadget. You can say this can be done with any Programming Language, which is quite true.
  • Java is a Secure platform, thanks to its Virtual Machine. This is one of the primary reasons Companies worldwide are using this Language. So it’s here to stay.
  • Android App Development is gaining momentum and if you are familiar with Java then learning Android will be easier for you.

I have worked with software developers since 1997, but after doing the Java programming course, a course I thoroughly enjoyed, I now have a higher appreciation for the craft of software development and how I can progress with my career, especially in test automation.

My Oracle certification



Check out the Oracle certification here

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