Taking notes for Active learning, not just a pretty thing

8 Dec

Knowledge that looks nice
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Today I went for a bit of a stroll to buy a notebook, I like having a note-book on me to record my ideas for blogging, things I’m learning and my never-ending to do lists.

Recently I read and wrote down

Everything you do is a self-portrait

Everything is nothing by its self


When I read something good, I like to write it down.

I like to plan my day the day before, I plan it, I write it down, so that when i wake up i have things to do, and then all i have to do every day is get up and get to it.

Albert Einstein didn’t believe in carrying a notebook, he said he rarely had good ideas, so he didnt need one. Leonardo Da Vinci never left home without one, go figure…

A new world…of notes3


Some of my notebook methods are to:

  1. Write stories in the front of the book for blogging
  2. At the back of the book i make the to do lists
  3. At the back i make notes on what i am doing for the next day
  4. All pages are numbered and indexed at the back and can be referenced
  5. I can user information on certain pages VIA page references, to build stories
  6. I write interesting information at the top of the page
  7. When I use data in a blog, i cross the page out to indicate its been posted
  8. Use abbreviations where ever you can


My notebook functions as a kind of tool, I have a separate notebook for job hunting, with the same ideas. I find this really useful when i am job hunting and I might have one of thirty agencies ringing me up about some job, easily i can find the relevent page with the last conversation notes

When I have been submitted for a role, I add the company and which agency on a dedicated page at the back of the book. I can quickly find what job, company, reference I am looking for, it takes a lot of confusion and stress out of looking for work, so I can get busy enjoying my life.

Nice notes make a big difference1

I was thinking about how i can be more efficient today as I was walking home, and if truth be told I was also wondering how a note-book with nothing in it could be worth more than a book with a book with data in it?

You can do it, just start todayx

Taking notes is something everyone should be taught in school, it makes the process of learning a lot easier, and maybe enjoyable? My notebook functions as a kind of tool, for Active learning. Some students post pictures of their notes online, just google studyblrs

Some great tips on taking notes and Active learning


Another great reason to take notes is crossing off things on To do lists you have completed is mentally:

  • It gives  you as sense of  great sense of achievement and
  • It helps you make the best use of you time

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