The future of money… Doctor Whos physic paper and tooth brushes

10 Oct

I was watching a video entitled ‘Are Payments Changing for the Better?’ A few days ago, a guy called David Birch was speaking about how current payment methods are outdated, i was starting to get interested and then he said

‘Why do you need to have a bank account to make or receive a payment’

…this is a problem i have now.

Things are only problems until they happen to you, let me explain…

It might not look like much, but…

5 euro

I need an account, bank or otherwise to make and receive payments, but i don’t want a bank account, banks don’t want me to have a bank account, this is why they are happy to charge me 5 Euros to have this service.

I don’t want to pay 5 Euro, (real or fake) for something that should be free, my business alone should be worth something to THEM!

Are Payments Changing for the Better?’ | Realex Payments & Innovation Summit 2014

Interesting enough he pointed out that mobile phones can be used as tools to get rid of cash, there are six billion mobile phones, 80% of them are smartphones and four billion toothbrushes. Cash, interesting enough, costs people maybe more that its worth. I have been to Scandinavia, quite a few times, in some places, you can’t pay with cash.

It would appear that most cash in societies, is for illegal activities, not legal, this is interesting as i saw a documentary a few weeks ago about Art theft, it been on the increase, it would appear if you want to put down a deposit for a shipment of drugs or guns, the accepted currency would be a Monet, Picasso, maybe a Michelangelo sketch?

After all, its easy to check their value, its a valid way of payment, for criminals.

The World’s Most Expensive Stolen Paintings

I remember reading a court case in Ireland, where a person tried to pay a bill by cheque, the cheque was declined as payment and it ended up in court, the judge said…

“If the man wants to pay by cheque or by chickens, it should be accepted”

interesting, no?


You will not find one in Scandinavia


When i was in Scandinavia, they didn’t have any pay phones, you need to find Wi-Fi and call VIA Skype or Facebook, in Denmark its hard to find a ATM, they pay by card. Everyone has a phone, it makes sense to use mobile phones to do this, maybe they should come with tooth brushes too?


Remember this on Star Trek?


Just like we have all seen mobile phones and iPads in Star Trek, back in the 80’s, David suggested the solution to make payments is in an Episode from Doctor Who entitled Physic paper

Maybe the answer has been there all the time?

You see what you need to see, when you need to see it
Physic paper

Psychic paper was a blank, white card that had special properties. When shown to a person, it could usually induce them to see whatever the user wished them to see printed on it. However, it proved useless on geniuses such as William Shakespeare (TV: The Shakespeare Code) or people with feeble imaginations, such as Fenton. (TV: Flatline) It was often used by the Doctor in his later incarnations.

Identity in the 21st century


I know what your thinking…?

Did they have Tinder on Star Trek!


Take a look at other Star Trek inventions we now use


Check out the future of money award

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