One of my favourite things…Podcasts. Whats not to love, right?

27 Aug

99 percent (plus 1) certain…

99 percent

So i stopped for some time listening to Podcasts. I was doing some traveling, not that that’s much of an excuse, its not. I had a break from many things in fact, hey i was on holiday!

Holiday is over and like Yoga is the practice of going back to it, i went back to Podcasts, how could i stay away?

plural noun: podcasts

a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


Some of the benefits i would say about podcasts are:

  • You can get an education on a wide range of subjects, pretty much any topic you like
  • You can start and finish your day with an interesting story, who doesn’t like bedtime stories?
  • You start to wonder how you know stuff, how you get ideas, and then you find yourself saying…it was in a podcast!!


One podcast in particular i am pretty passionate about is about design, by Roman Mars, from San Francisco, his podcast is called 99 per cent invisible, because…

99 percent of who you are is invisible

Try saying that to yourself the next time you look at yourself in a mirror

Roman gave a Ted talk recently which is well worth a look

The Worst-Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed


Ronan started his career in Software Testing, he worked for free and hung out in Radio Stations at every chance he got.

A couple of years ago he started 99 percent invisible, a project about unseen design work that shapes our lives, a project about cementing for others an infrastructure for the most creative and interesting storytelling programs to find an audience and prosper.

He started with nothing, got funding from his fans, he’s producing more shows because we (the fans) gave him a donation, now he has a staff producing, with health benefits, an amazing story about a guy that created the job he wanted and has been very successful at helping others

Other sources i can recommend for listening would be the BBC, music, documentaries and much more

You could take a look at the top ranking podcasts, the people who do the Ted talks have a list

Question is, how do you want to start or end your days?

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