Oracle Java Foundations course, passed

8 May

I got the result1While applying for software testing roles last year, I couldn’t help but notice how just about every role required Java coding in various levels of expertise.

Its not enough to be a solid software tester anymore, you must now be able to write and maintain test code, most companies use Java, so with this I mind and to make myself more marketable, I did a 1Z0811 Java Foundations course in the Cork Training Center.

learn-javaA few benefits of learning Java

  • Java is quite popular as a Programming Language in the Industry so you can get good opportunities, if that is what you are looking for.
  • You can use Java to implement any kind of Software. It can be an Enterprise Application, a Website, a Desktop application, a Search Engine or a Gadget. You can say this can be done with any Programming Language, which is quite true.
  • Java is a Secure platform, thanks to its Virtual Machine. This is one of the primary reasons Companies worldwide are using this Language. So it’s here to stay.
  • Android App Development is gaining momentum and if you are familiar with Java then learning Android will be easier for you.

I have worked with software developers since 1997, but after doing the Java programming course, a course I thoroughly enjoyed, I now have a higher appreciation for the craft of software development and how I can progress with my career, especially in test automation.

My Oracle certification


In case you are interested in learning a bit more, I have shared the Java course curriculum  on Dropbox.

Check out the Oracle certification here

You need to learn Automation? Start here!

27 Apr

Like anything, it takes a while to get good at anything (…unless your name is Messi)messi

I have been writing and blogging now for some ten years on various sites, this site being the latest one and I find, the more I write, the easier it is to write.


On writing, I find you need to be willing to write a lot of stuff you wont end up using, to get to the stuff you will. a writer might start on short stories, get more confident, develop their voice and maybe get published.

One Hollywood writer interview I saw once said you need to be prepared to write ten scripts that get rejected to get a success.

Source: Life lessons from Benjamin Franklin

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”
Success comes from doing things “right,” and doing things right is usually the result of first doing things wrong.

You are certain to make mistakes; the path to success is lined with mistakes and failures, just keep moving. Successful people make a lot of mistakes, but they don’t quit, they keep moving until they arrive to their goal.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

If you want to get better at something, you need to practice until it becomes automatic and it’s surprising how much you learn, especially when you think your not learning anything?


This year I have been learning Java with a view to furthering my testing career, but of course nothing is anything by its self, everything connects and I have made a list of subjects to cover, while you are tired looking at the code

To Automate tests, you need to understand the following:


And of course, if you see a new acronym, software tool in a job description, I would google that and look it up on one of the many YouTube channels and learn as much as possible and add it to your bag…


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